What business does business have in the UNSC?

We invited Ole Jacob Sending to talk on What does the UNSC have to do with business? What business does business have in the UNSC? These are complex questions that many people might not have been able to answer, or they would shy away from answering. However, Mr Sending was spot on with the questions and answered them very pricesly. 

Ole Jacob Sending is Director of Research at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and an adjunct researcher at the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI). Sending holds a PhD (Dr. Polit.) from the University of Bergen, titled: “How does knowledge matter?”.

His work is mainly focused on the role of international organizations in crisis management. He has previously worked as Senior Adviser in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2006-2008), and visiting scholar at UC Berkeley (2008-2009) and Stanford University (2002).His work has appeared, inter alia, in the European Journal of International Relations, International Studies Quarterly, and Millennium. His most recent book Governing the Global Polity  (with Iver B. Neumann), Michigan University Press, won the International Studies Association Award for Best Book in international political sociology in 2012. He is currently working on a book manuscript under contract, also with Michigan University Press, entitled  The Authority of Expertise in Global Governance . With Simon Reid-Henry, he is managing a HUMPOL funded project on “Armed Violence in Urban Settings”.

See his answers below:
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