#52 Guru på Stortinget

Ein gamal indar med kvitt skjegg og smilerynker slår seg opp på sosiale medier for tida. Kva er det med Sadhguru som treff unge menneske så hardt?

The dust has started to settle after the most prominent Indian guest ever - Sadhguru - visited Norway.

Curious about what the event was like? NRK Kompass (Norwegian Broadcasting) has an interview with Rina Sunder, where she was asked:

  • Who is Sadhuru?
  • Is he the next Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate?
  • What makes 50 companies meet up at the Norwegian Parliament on such short notice?
  • Why is a non-western lens important to redefine how we understand the world today?
  • What is Save Soil?

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