#57 Women-led development

Today is International Women's Day and we have the honor of speaking with Kristin Andresen, the visionary behind Sunder Rang

In this episode Kristin is sharing insights into their journey and what drove them to establish Sunder Rang in Chandelao. We'll explore how such endeavors contribute to the empowerment and community development.

We asked her the following questions: 

1. Can you share more about your journey and what inspired you to establish The Arts and Crafts Centre in Chandelao?
2. How do you see initiatives like The Arts and Crafts Centre contributing to empowering women and children in the village?
3. In light of the low female workforce participation rate in India, what do you think are the key barriers hindering women's economic empowerment, and how can they be addressed?
4. Could you elaborate on the impact of projects supported by the Ferd on the overall development of Chandelao village?
5. International Women's Day is an important day, what message would you like to convey regarding the importance of supporting women's economic and educational empowerment?
6. How do you think initiatives like the Women Leadership Lounge at the Davos World Economic Forum can contribute to fostering gender equality and empowering women globally?
7. Lastly, what advice would you give to individuals or organizations looking to support women's empowerment and community development initiatives?

Listen to the episode here: 👇

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