#55 India as a strategic hub

Wilhelmsen Ship Management operates 250+ ships in global trade. Supporting their operational excellence, Indian seafarers plays an important role. Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM), one of the world’s largest third-party ship managers with a portfolio of more than 450 vessels and 11,000 active seafarers. The company has announced the expansion of its Indian operations with the introduction of two new functions and increasing the intake of cadets from India and employees in its India office.

In this episode, we have with us Lasse Kvarsnes Hansen, Global Head of Marine HR in Wilhelmsen Ship Management. Lasse is Global Head of Marine HR in Wilhelmsen Ship Management, and led the operations executing employment of seafarers in Wilhelmsens global fleet. His background is from HR and aviation, and he is currently in his 3rd year with Wilhelmsen.

We asked him the following:

  • Can you provide insights into Wilhelmsen's current activities in India? What is the scale of your business operations in the country, and are there strategic plans in place for further expansion?
  • Following our discussions at the Blue Economy seminar in October, it's apparent that environmental concerns have gained prominence. How has Wilhelmsen observed this shift, and in what ways does the company anticipate the ship management industry adapting to the challenges posed by global climate change?
  • Amidst the ongoing transition, what impact does Wilhelmsen foresee on seafarers, who often serve as the unsung heroes of the global shipping industry?
  • As part of your ambitious growth plan, which aims to increase the fleet size by 60% in the next five years, there's a focus on augmenting the intake of Indian seafarers. Could you elaborate on the strategies Wilhelmsen is employing to achieve this substantial expansion?
  • Diversity is a key concern within the shipping industry. Could you outline the specific measures and initiatives Wilhelmsen Ship Management has implemented to actively recruit and support the inclusion of women on board?
  • Looking ahead to 2030, how does Wilhelmsen envision the evolving landscape in the regions where you operate, particularly in India? What trends or developments do you anticipate shaping the industry in the coming decade?
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