#53 Indo - Nordic Cooperation

The Indo-Nordic Cooperation session focused on Clean Energy and Renewables. The aim was to foster collaboration between India and the Nordic countries in the fields of clean energy, sustainability, and renewable technologies. This session within the summit focused on two key aspects: cities and the unique offerings of individual Nordic countries towards the Indian market. The session provided a platform for knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and identifying potential areas of cooperation.


-  Ms. Rina Sunder, Founder, Det Moderne India

-  Mr. Umesh Sahdev, Exec. Chairman, Hydrogenium, Resources, India

-  Mr. Knut Linnerud, SBD International, Greenstat ASA

Mr. Ola Elvestuen, Ms. Arati Davis, and Mr. Mads Schlosser held opening remarks, pointing out the need for global collaboration to achieve climate action and the opportunities for collaboration between the Nordic countries and India.

We have uploaded the first part of the seminar on The Modern India Podcast. You can listen to it here:

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