#5 Norway can indeed make a difference at the UNSC

It is not going to be easy dealing with the high-powered “P5” at the tallest table in the world. But when Norway joins the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on 1st January 2021, we can absolutely make a positive difference – possibly with India – in promoting human rights, gender equality, sustainable development and social justice as preconditions for lasting peace and security! 

This was a clear message from Tove Gravdal when she spoke to Det Moderne India. Tove is a journalist specializing in global affairs and served as a diplomat at Norway’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations the last time we were member of THE COUNCIL. She recently published a highly acclaimed book on Norway in the UN Security Council. 

In this episode she speaks to Thoralf Stenvold , our own expert on these issues. 
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