#46 Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

The founder of Det moderne India, Rina Sunder, was invited to NewsX, India's leading English News Channel, to share how she has built bridge between Norway and India, and added knowledge about India in Norway.

Sunder highlighted the text book, Det modere India and the NGO The Modern India (Det Moderne India)  omong chairing the Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other things. 

She highlighted the achievements of the Indian diaspora:

  • One in every five women in Norway with Indian heritage becomes a doctor. By comparison, only one in 100 women with Norwegian-born parents in the same age group become doctors.
  • Indian citizens made up the next largest group of skilled workers, third country nationals to be granted residence for work
  • Rolee Aranya received the Internatinal award NTNU. She has made NTNU known around the world through dialogue and collaboration. 

There is a surprising statistic that Indians in Norway are now the biggest immigrant group that comes from outside of the EØS region and yet, get so little attention. 

One of the biggest reasons is how well Indians integrate.  A large proportion of the Indian population is highly educated and thus face very little challenges integrating with Norwegian culture. 70% of all the Indian workforce in Norway work in the information and communication sector and a big chunk are doctors, engineers.

Among Norwegian-born kids with an Indian or Vietnamese background, 80% have higher education. Other than that, among kids born to Indian or Vietnamese parents with lower education, well over half have higher education as an adult.

Indians have higher earnings among all the non-European immigrant groups in Norway. Not only that, the Norwegian kids born to Indian parents have the highest earnings among all the immigrant groups.

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