#45 World Denounces Bilawal Bhutto

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Pakistans foreign minister has irked India with his recent remarks on PM Narendra Modi.

Rina Sunder was invited to NewsX to discuss how India should respond to this. 

Sunder pointed out the following facts: 

There was a long and thorough investigation on Modi's role in the Gujrat riots. The party in the central government was Congress and not BJP. The Supreme Court did not find any wrongdoings from him in this case. 

In Gujrat, there are 19 constituencies with a Muslim majority population, and in the 2022 elections, 17 of those constituencies voted for Modi. 

The data is evident. Muslims of Gujrat are voting for Modi, which would not be the case if they thought the same as the Foreign Minister of Pakistan does.

There are 19 constituencies in Gujrat With Significant Muslim Population.

In 2012, Modi won 12 of them.
In 2017, Modi won 13 of them.
In 2022, Modi won 17 of them.

The literacy rate of Muslims in Gujrat is 7% higher than the average literacy rate of Indian Muslims. The per capita income of Gujrati Muslims is 10% higher than Muslims across India.

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You can see the debate here. And if you only want to listen to the debate you can click here

And if you only want to listen to the debate you can click here:

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