#43 United in action C40 & COP27

The whole world have their eyes on COP27 these days. 

Three quarters of C40 cities are reducing emissions faster than their respective nation states. 

Mayors from around the world have a clear message for global leaders at #COP27: The best way to protect people everywhere from rising prices, pollution, extreme weather and more is to invest in cleaner and greener cities. 

The C40 network represent over 582 million people, and around one-third of the global economy. 

The ‘Clean Construction’ approach promotes the reduction of air pollutants from construction activities. 

In this episode we have invited Andre

We asked him the following: 

  • The C40 network represent over 582 million people, and around one-third of the global economy. How do mayers and C40 cities work at COP27
  • What is clean construction and how did Oslo become a leader in this field compared to other cities? Andre 
  • Oslo is the chair of C40’s Clean Construction Forum the leading programme driving forward positive carbon cutting measures from construction. How are you working on clean construction? Andre 
  • What is the maturity level public procurements in other cities? 
  • Cities such as Surat in India, have published guidelines on clean construction practices, adapted to local topography, building practices and degree of air pollution. How does strategies differ; do they differ or can one solution fit all? Andre
  • Looking into the future. We have 7 years left to reach the The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. What can we expect in regard to clean construction? 

Listen to the conversation here: 

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