#42 Giga battery production in India

A few weeks back Beyonder and Midwest Energy entered into an agreement to start planning giga scale battery production in India,

Det moderne India podcast had to invite two front runners from Beyonder and Midwest Energy to the podcast! 

We asked Kristin Skofteland, Chief Commercial Officer & Legal Counsel for Beyonder AS and Soumya Kukreti, CEO of Midwest Energy Private Limited the following questions in this conversation:

  1. The battery strategy is part of the government's green industrial strategy that aims to create new jobs throughout Norway. Can you tell us a bit about Norways battery strategy? 
  1. The government wants to encourage the local manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries through battery chemistry linked FAME incentives and increments on import.What is the current status for battery production in India today? And why a factory in India? 
  1. What will the battery value chains look like? 
  1. What do India do to accelerate electrification of mobility? 
  1. How did Beyond and Midwest find each other? What were the ticking points that made Beyond and Midwest click? 
  1. What does the battery future look like from Norway? 
  1. What are the important success factors for the future see from India and Midwest? 
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