#41 Save Soil Debate at Arendalsuka

Did you miss our Save soil debate at Arendalsuka? 

We are happy that 250+ enjoyed the Save Soil debate onat Arendalsuka. 

For this debate we had with us:

  • Heidi Bade from Norad
  • Torleiv Ness Ugland, CEO, Terramarine AS
  • Ashish Sahu, Marketing Manager, Cambi AS
  • Kathrine Sund-Henriksen, CEO, Forum for Utvikling og Miljø

Feel free to view the stream here. Please note that this debate is in Norwegian. 

We asked our guests the following questions:


  • How does Norad work with soil?
  • Which experiences and success stories do you have to share for the audience? 


  • How does it work internationally at the intersection between food, climate, and nature? 
  • How can the food system be changed to strengthen food security and biological diversity, and reduce climate emissions?


  • What do you understand as "fertile soil"?
  • Let us look towards Asia again, I have read that you operate in Vietnam. Why do you sell fertilizer to Vietnam?


  • How do technologies like Cambi contribute to Save Soils / soil globally? Can you share some sustainable technologies to achieve Save Soils?
  • How can individuals who live in cities contribute to the Save Soils initiative?
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