#33 Men who support women - part two

Our guest for this conversation is the President of the Parliament of Norway. Masud Gharahkhani is what we would describe as a male ally: A man who will advocate for women even when there are no women in the room. 

We cannot achieve the SDGs without gender equality. In order to achieve gender equality, we must fight the prevailing gender stereotypes that hinder women from climbing to the top. 

We asked him:

As someone with a multicultural background, what would you say are the most obvious ways in which Scandinavia differs from other countries in terms of gender equality? 
- Despite being at the forefront of egalitarian policy, females in Norway represent a meagre portion of leaders in the private sector. Why do you think this is the case?
- You and Arne Jannicke Bakke-Olsen made headlines all over Norway on March 8th. Why did you change your name to Anne on LinkedIn and what message were you aiming to convey?
- In an interview you stated that your mother played an important role in your early life. Can you elaborate on this? What did she teach you?
- We cannot achieve gender equality without the cooperation between both sexes. What do you think men can do to now to mitigate the challenges women face in the workplace?
- How do you support your wife, females and daughters?
- Do you have any advice for young and ambitious women?

You can listen to the episode below:

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