#24 Foodtech: a foundation boon to sustainable food systems

A big thank you to the 50+ to the who attended our seminar on Foodtech. DMI invited Ganesh Shenoy, Chair of the Board of the Norwegian Business Association of India (NBAI) for a C-suite conversation on Foodtech. Shenoy is also CFO & VP IT, MTR Foods Pvt Ltd (owned by Orkla). 

Here is what was discussed: 

  • What is FoodTech? How it has emerged and secured its place on the the market? 
  • COVID-19 is changing how we work, travel, communicate, shop and more, but how has it shifted the focus of consumers with respect to food preferences? 
  • In Norway we have been talking about «Kjøttskam» for a while, meaning the meat shame. Organisations like EAT get a lot of limelight. They want us to eat less meat. What are your thoughts on that? 
  • Due to advancing technologies within the food industry, as well as a demand for healthier, cheaper, and safer food products, the market is forecast to exceed 342 billion USD by 2027 from 220.32 billion USD in 2019. How would you describe India in the market share?
  • What challenges lie ahead of foodtech? 
  • What is the future of Foodtech?

The conversation was lead by Charanleen Kaur. 

Listen to the first part of the seminar here.

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