#22 How India will redesign the world

The world was last designed seventy-five years ago. In the late nineteenth century, the three great powers were imperial Britain, the United States, and a rising Germany. In the mid-twentieth century, the US, Britain and the Soviet Union formed the dominant troika. As the twenty-first century enters its second quartile, the three most important nations will be the US, China, and India. 

The most remarkable phenomenon in Asia in the 21st century is arguably the economic rise of China and India. Amazingly, the two most populous countries in the world are uplifting millions of their citizens annually from poverty through rapid economic growth. India will be the third largest economy in the world by 2030. 

  • What will this new world order look like over the next quarter century?
  • What will be key for India when shaping the new G3?
  • E-governance will connect billions of Indians; how can India use hyperconnectivity to realize its ambitions of becoming the next global leader.
  • How can hyperconnectivity be an opportunity to redesign the world and take humanity to the next level?
  • What role will business and finance play? And how does this look like from India?
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