Front Runner Pradeep Mehta

World Trade Organization + Sustainable Development Goals = TRUE

With 1.3 billion people and English as a working language, India has given the world many of its leading intellectuals. Our Front Runner for December is the founder of CUTS - Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment, Mr Pradeep Mehta. In November, CUTS published a report " What would happen to a world without the WTO ".

The World Trade Organization, established 25 years ago, has transformed the world economy - to the benefit of developing and developed countries alike. But the WTO needs reform and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the appropriate framework to guide that work. This was the key message from a conversation between Pradeep S. Mehta of Jaipur, India and Thoralf Stenvold of Det Moderne India when the two met for our final Front Runner talk of this year. Mr. Mehta, a global authority on world trade and respected adviser to several governments and WTO director generals, underscored the importance of respecting all three dimensions of sustainable development – ecology, economy and society - as equally important and mutually reinforcing. He also confirmed that India continues to be a strong believer in the WTO as the cornerstone of world trade governance!

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