Blue Economy and India

India has taken steps into the global landscape throughout the past decades. We see contours of an emerging superpower taking form in multiple economic arenas. With its giant ocean, the blue economy is among the motors of the modern India. Is there any space for the ocean nation of Norway and its blue companies to play a role in this mix? There are indications of this, which is why we invite you into our world of collaboration and opportunities within the intersection of large & small and ocean & land. 

Our conference - which was in collaboration with DNB - offered valuable insights and inspiring conversations into the investment possibilities in India. Many companies used this occasion to meet business leaders in Norway’s largest companies and other decision makers to better your understanding of the possibilities within the blue economy and India interconnection. We were happy that more than 40 people had signed up for the conference.

The moderator was Audun Wickstrand Iversen, Portfolio Manager, DNB Asset Management. He addressed:

Panelists were:

  • Success in Indian Business 
  • India's Evolving Role as a Global Power 
  • Economy and Ecology 
  • Stine Horn, Deputy Director, Oceans and Private Sector Development, Norwegian Foreign Ministry
  • Lasse. K. Hansen, Global Head of Marine HR, Wilhelmsen.
  • Rina Sunder, Founder, The Modern India
  • H.E Ambassador Vimal Acquino

Sharing glimpses below:

Orkla was present

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