International Transgender Day; India is leading the way!

Universitetsgata 9, Bull & Co
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Millions have watched Pose on HBO. In India, people don’t watch! Government acts!  While recognition of genders outside of male and female has only recently been discussed in Western societies, in the Indian society, people of non-binary gender expressions have played important roles for over 2000 years.

India's Supreme Court has ruled that transgender people are created as a third gender in the country.  The decision is seen as a milestone in India. This was the first time in world history that a Supreme Court recognizes transgender people as a separate gender.

Diversity campaigns and Pride flagging notwithstanding: Research indicates that it is difficult to be a trans person in working environments. According to the report "Sexual orientation, gender diversity and living conditions" from 2021, transgender people stand out in terms of mental health, life satisfaction and experiences of discrimination. Transgender rights matters!

We are excited to share that we will have Celia Sandhya Daniels,  Miriam Hardarson and Kanta Singh, Deputy Country Representative - UN Women, India as three of our speakers.

The seminar will be moderated by Chisom Udeze, founder of Diversify and Her space.

Join us for an engaging debate on DEIB on Wednesday, March 30th @ 8:00-10:30am* Universitetsgata 9, Bull & Co.

A few glimpses from the event:

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