India election 2024 part I

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Discover India's dynamic political landscape through an insightful interview with DMI founder Rina Sunder. Recently featured on national broadcasting, NRK, Rina delves into key aspects of the Indian election process:

  • India During Elections: What India looks like during election season.
  • Youth Participation: The role of India's vibrant youth in shaping the election landscape.
  • Women's Influence: Influence of women in the Indian election process.
  • The Modi Factor: What makes Prime Minister Modi so popular among the masses.
  • Controversial Dynamics: India's democratic journey amidst Prime Minister Modi's tenure.

Watch the interview by clicking the link below and deepen your understanding of India's political dynamics.

India: et Modi(g) valg?

"We will take democracy to every corner of the country." Rajiv Kumar, leader of India's national election commission, echoed these words as he announced the election dates.

From April 19th and for six weeks ahead, nearly 1 billion Indians can go to the ballot boxes. That's almost 1/8 of the world's population. Why do we know so little about this historic election? How has democracy functioned under Prime Minister Modi? Is India actually called Bharat now? And if India is to be a guiding star for the future of democracy, how does that affect us?

On Tuesday April 16th Studentersamfunnet in Bergen organized a debate where we collectively took the temperature of the world's largest population - and democracy.

- Francesca Refsum Jensenius, Professor of Political Science at the University of Oslo, focusing on South Asia
- Rina Sunder, Founder of the NGO and author of Det Moderne India 
- Knut Axel Jacobsen, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Bergen, specializing in religion in India 

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