India - A Green Superpower

The Parliament
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Key takeaways from the event underscore India's unique position in the global green movement:

1. Low Emissions and Efficient Resource Use: India's per capita emissions are significantly lower than those of Western countries. This efficiency in resource use, ingrained in the country's culture, sets a solid foundation for sustainable growth and development.

2. Thriving Green Tech Ecosystem: The country boasts a vibrant undergrowth of green tech companies. With a supportive ecosystem and the scale to rapidly expand, India is in a prime position to elevate the best green innovations to an industrial level. Such advancements promise not only to benefit India but also to contribute globally.

3. India-Norway Business Collaboration: The relationship between India and Norway is thriving and is poised for further acceleration, thanks to the new EFTA(Norway)-India free trade agreement. This agreement gives Norwegian businesses better access to the Indian market than most other European countries, opening up avenues for increased trade, collaboration, and shared green technology initiatives.

Providing a glimpse into the event through the images below:

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