Front Runner Nirmalya Kumar

Nirmalya Kumar, a Cyrus Mistry aide who was forced to leave the Tatas, straddles both lives and work across continents. For management professor and consultant Nirmalya Kumar, it was, he says, a “traumatic” but also a fascinating experience. One moment, he was head of the strategy at the Tata Group, part of the core executive council formed by Cyrus Mistry. Then suddenly, he found himself in the eye of a corporate storm and out of a job when Mistry was forced out of the group.

Kumar is interviewed by Anita K. Traaseth.

In this video, Anita Krohn Traaseth & Nirmalya Kumar are discussing Indian and Norwegian cultural differences.

In this 3rd part, Nirmalya Kumar and Anita Krohn Traaseth are talking about the effects of corona on business.

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